Chris (penguinbob) wrote in ehsanimecouncil,

Late notice, I know, but we had a recent change in schedule. For club, we are now in need of something to watch. I could download something nice, like Tsubasa Chronicle or Honey and Clover to balance out the action we watched last week. Or, someone can bring in a few things that we can vote on. So, if you have anything you want to be shown, bring it with you or comment here.

Ummmm, other announcements?

Since the party was called off, we need to have another party planned for in club. Also, We need to make up those surpurlatives soon, along with the possibility of having either some group shots of the club taken during the meeting or individual shots, if at all possible.

If there are any other issues you want addressed, then just bring them up to me and I'll take them into account. Or just comment.
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