Rei (magakurenosato) wrote in ehsanimecouncil,

Mr. Glista and I were brainstorming when I got back to anime club...and we had some great ideas!!

Chris, we should talk to Lee District about the ampitheater that's back in the woods and see if we can get that for a day, and have our cosplay contest there! They can do skits on an actual stage and whatnot, and we can trop around and playground, have a picnic and be anime fans! Mr. Glista also said that he was willing to come for it. He's also going to find out if that constitutes as a field trip or not.

So, tomorrow (Friday) can we have the council meet in Mr. Glista's room right after school to talk about this and other upcoming events? If you can't stay, our secratary will post what went on here.

Oh, we also need to decide when we will be holding elections. And I figure that since Tyler hasn't attended any meetings he can't run. Also, he's been denying left and right that he likes anime so...ineligabiliity around!
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