Chris (penguinbob) wrote in ehsanimecouncil,

Quick news

A short and to the point news thingy for all you EHSanimeclub people out there:

1. I'm bringing in Howl's Moving Castle, and we're watching the last twenty or so minutes of it.
2. I downloaded FF Last Order again, and I'm bringing in my laptop to show it (since we'll have about a half hour to kill)
3. And since I'll have my laptop and my nifty new visualizer, I'll be playing anime music during the pre meeting minutes (a tip I picked up from the W&M anime club)
4. We want to have an outdoor party soon, and I just wanted to bring up the subject in case anyone knew how to schedule something at Lee District or some other outdoor venue before the council does research.
5. Now would probably be the time to think about the graduation cords, since I know a couple other clubs/societies getting theirs now
6. Also, we should start getting the scrapbook surpurlatives (sp?) organized
7. And... status of the scrapbook?
8. The council should have a party of its own to just touch bases with one another (since we rarely are in the same place at the same time anymore), to maybe get some of this work sone *cough*scrapbooking*cough*, and to just party a bit.
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