Crystal Chung (shitama) wrote in ehsanimecouncil,
Crystal Chung

Read this Lori!

Hey Lori! This is an update to what we have planned for the month of March:

March 1: Bleach: Chris will bring his laptop and we'll hook it up

March 9: We will have a cosplay workshop

March 15: Amy will bring Speed Racer since we're like watching "retro" or classic anime

March 22: Possiblilty of either Fruits Basket, DN Angel, Sakiyuki, or Naruto

March 29: Cosplay contest

This is all we have for now for the month of March.
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Why were things changed around? Thanks for the update, BTW.
We needed to give people more time to work on their costumes,and we needed to space out the amount of time for them.
Okay, well, I need to talk to Chris anyway. We are going to watch Angel Sanctuary at some point in time....=.=;
Isn't Naruto supposed to be on the day of the contest? It's going to be the movie, too.
Methinks the shows ran together on the calendar. And methiks also that we agreed on fruits basket definately for being shown on the 22nd