Chris (penguinbob) wrote in ehsanimecouncil,

Chicken Request!

*Wipes dust off community*

Just got the word from our VP that the plan for her to dirve out and get chocken for wensday inst going to work as planned, so I sen out an emergency notice for chicken! I would be calling people and such now... but its 11:24, and that doesnt sem like a good idea. I would drive out to get it myself, but I kind of have to do that "running the meeting" thing I usually do.

Meaning, I need someone (in the area as of wensday) that has a car and is attending the meeting to pick up the chicken. If you know of someone (alumni count too) who will be attending that the council can trust with the chicken money, contact us, then contact them. Right now, methinks K4, Victor, or Brio are up for grabs, since they: A).Have Cars. B).Have been around a couple years to do stuff for us. C).Would probably be around anyway. Or Audrey, depending on how fast she could get out of school, but ideally, we want this as close to the start of the meeting as possible, so buying chicken a bit before school gets out would be nice.

Any takers?
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