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So, party update, at the last minute.

Before the party, we need to make sure we have someone who knows they are buying chicken. I was told Audrey, but was she told? And I still have about twenty dollars from when I was thinking I was buying stuff, so I need to give that back. Speaking of money, money needs to be given to Audrey in the morning so she can run out to KFC ASAP (after Lori has pre-ordered the chicken?)

Do we have the prizes for the art contest? What about the cosplay contest? If we dont have it by now, will we be awarding it at the next meeting?

Also, bug Audrey to give me the art contest submissions, since she wont be present at the start of the meeting if all goes as I've heard it should.

We will be cracking down on the membership cards, so before the meeting, we must make sure everyone is an official member, and that they are allowed to watch 16+ anime.

And we need to pay Sarah for the 79 cent pocky she will be bringing, so make sure the money is present.

REMEMBER TO BRING THE ANIME! Just thought it needed mentioning.

Also, council members should stay after so that we can plan the anime for the next month's meetings.

Lastly, everyone needs to submit a rant to me so we dont look stupid by having an empty rant page. Something. A paragraph will do.

I wont be checking my mail tomorrow moring, or for the remainder of tonight, so this is just acting as a standing reminder list for all of you that have to do things.
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